Why one egg is enough for a French omelette? A little amusing Easter vignette from PumpjackPiddlewick

It’s Easter so I am thinking about eggs. And chickens. Okay, and always ducks. But then this time of year I do a lot of thinking about eggs. It’s a seasonal thing. And when I think about eggs, I am always reminded of the joke ~ Why do the FrenchContinue Reading

I have a ginger cat called Gingembre. Gigi for short. With lots of tales to tell at PumpjackPiddlewick

I have spent the past few weeks updating my blog posts. And in doing so realised I had not yet written about Gingembre (ginger in French). I had written about Lapsong Suchong (Lappy) as she is quite an unusual cat. And also Noisette, my little snuggle killer. But not Gigi.Continue Reading

Is country life really quiet and tranquil asks PumpjackPiddlewick

With this years Vendange finished, I took a couple days to simply sit in the garden. Sometimes reading, sometimes watching the antics of the ducks. Sometimes simply listening. And noticing, the not very quiet countryside. A Lack of Quiet Life is never dull here, and certainly not quiet.  I movedContinue Reading

We have three very different cats at PumpjackPiddlewick. Not just in looks or colours but in personality too.

I talk about my ducks on this website a lot as you may have realised. Purely because they are so unusual as pets. Even after many years of having them I am entranced by unique aspects of them. So you may not know I also have 3 cats. Three veryContinue Reading

We've discovered that chickens can purr! at PumpjackPiddlewick

Did you know chickens can purr? Neither did I, until one day one of my chickens did just that. When I worked at the Chateau, part of my job was to look after the chickens. They liked to help me in the garden. It became a regular thing, which IContinue Reading