Buggine bugs are bugging me at PumpjackPiddlewick

I keep telling myself that bugs are necessary to this world. And in my head I know this, but in my heart…

Chigger season is coming to a close (thank goodness) and with all my heart I look forward to cooler days, and less, and eventually, almost, no bugs. Maybe the odd spider. I do like spiders, but they are not bugs. Technically. But then chiggers are not bugs technically. But I firmly put them in the class of bugs, because they bug me.

No matter where you are in the world, there will be a bug season. Where we used to live it was flies in June. We were surrounded by agricultural land and cows, so flies were sort of inevitable. We have moved 2 hours south and traded flies for chiggers. But I will take chiggers over flies any day. At least they can be avoided.

We do still get flies in June, but far far less. Closing shutters in the morning keeps them at bay, even away. So very, very manageable here. I had never heard of chiggers until moving to our restoration home, so was much more prepared this year. They don’t carry disease or are really in anyway bad. Except they do bite. The bite is tiny. But boy does it itch! Far more than a mosquito. And longer.

Speaking of mosquitoes, that’s something we don’t have much of. So far 2 this year have been noted. Mosquitoes are Pumpjack’s nemesis as they simply love his blood. So where we live has always taken this into account. Yes, we factor in the mosquito count when we have chosen our places to live. Sorry Alaska, it will never be.

Thinking about chiggers had me thinking about other seasonal bugs. Scotland and midgies, New England and No See Ums (and mosquitoes), Southern Chile and horse flies. Every country / region has its specialist bug. Luckily they also seem to have a season.

In the meantime, I will encourage lots and lots of spiders. Enjoy watching our bats. And our ducks. And the visiting barn swallows. They all eat bugs. Thus they are a necessary little evil.

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