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Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris author of Chocolat at Vive le Livre Book Club with PumpjackPIddlewickJoanne Harris is famous for her book Chocolat (another Bon Livre), but my personal favourite is Blackberry Wine. Not really surprising, as the overall concept is about wine (a personal favourite focus), but also I adore that it is narrated by a bottle of wine. That unusual aspect in itself made me wish to read this book.

Blackberry Wine with Chocolate

Blackberry Wine is in a sense a follow-on to Chocolat, in that it takes place in and around the same village, with a few of the same characters popping into the story. In consequence, it has a similar style of writing, and reading, as Chocolat. So if you liked the one book, you should enjoy this one as well. (And if you haven’t read Chocolat, I do recommend it. Hey, what’s not to like about chocolate?)

In Blackberry Wine the main character is an English author who has lost his spark and direction in life. Due to a case of fruit wines (but, of course!), the main character, Jay Mackintosh, begins to review and change his life, often with quirky results.  I don’t wish to give too much away, as well as it’s a somewhat strange book, so it’s also difficult to explain it easily. In other words, typical Joanne Harris style, but this one in her fun, make you smile style.

Hook, Wine and Sinker

I picked this book up on a whim, not because it was Joanne Harris, but because it had the word Wine in the title and I thought it would be a good present for Pumpjack (he who makes wine). Then I made the mistake of opening the book, read the first paragraph, and was hooked. He never did receive the book as a gift.

“Wine talks; ask anyone. The oracle at the street corner; the uninvited guest at the wedding feast; the holy fool. It ventriloquizes. It has a million voices. It unleashes the tongue, teasing out secrets you never meant to tell, secrets you never even knew. It shouts, rants, whispers. It speaks of great plans, tragic loves and terrible betrayals. It screams with laughter. It chuckles softly to itself. It weeps in front of its own reflection. It revives summers long past and memories best forgotten.”

Fancy a Read? You can preview and/or buy it here…

Of note, I understand that the US and UK versions vary a lot. It is the UK version in which the story is narrated by the bottle of wine. For some reason, this was changed for the US version. I strongly recommend the UK version if you can.

And if you haven’t read Chocolat, I recommend that as well (but, personally, if you have to choose one, go with Blackberry Wine).

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