Black Friday Musings with PumpjackPiddlewick

Black Friday dawns. A very new thing here in France but it has definitely taken on a life of its own.

As someone who lived in the USA, I am used to the concept of Black Friday because it came after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is always on the last Thursday of November, hence the Friday theme.

But, I do find it weird that it has travelled outside the USA. Then again, as Christmas is the next big holiday it also makes a lot of sense that there be a sort of ‘On your mark. Get set. Go!’ concept to shopping around the world. Or at least for those countries that celebrate Christmas.

Quiet aside background fact, I am a closet minimalist. Literally and figuratively. I love having a capsule wardrobe. And, adore living with a minimum of things. But, I am also a self confessed shopaholic. Go figure. The conundrum was sorted by marrying these two opposing lifestyles in my Etsy shop. A big reason I love my work is it gives me a chance to buy, buy, BUY! … And not keep.

Funny enough, even as a shop owner, Black Friday is an anathema to me. I get the whole discount thing. Who wouldn’t? But, the year round approach is so much more fun. When I see something that I feel would suit people in particular, I buy it. Any time of year. It then goes into the Pressy Box until such time as a birthday, or Christmas, calls it to be let out and dispatched.

Or, and this is more and more the case of late with delving into slow living, I like to make gifts. But even with slow living there is still not always time, opportunity or idea, and so its still worth keeping my eyes open as I meander throughout the year.

And as for Black Friday? As that shop owner, I have to hope our potential customers make the most of it, and that the day brings more sales than we wish we could manage. And yes, of course, we’ll offer discounts. Not just for the day, but likely the weekend. It’s a Black Weekend thing really. Bring it on!

We invite you to come in, browse and shop from France with us. Today, or any day, both our Pumpjack & Piddlewick shop (selling fab, and okay a little quirky, finds from France) and our vintage French Silk Scarf shop (which sells, um, French silk scarves).

And should you not wish to deal with shipping, we can even offer instant gifts. Yup, you read right. Our Taking Time Too shop offers instant downloads of colouring books and perpetual calendars. You receive immediately and print at home. A gift at the ready in the space of minutes.


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