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A Corking Adventure about Biodynamic Wine from the Vive le Livre Book Club

Ever heard of Biodynamics? Most of us are aware of Organic. Biodynamic goes beyond organic. It’s a whole culture in relation to wine. Biodynamic wine is grown and made following organic principles. Also lunar calenders, and a few other weird and wonderful ways that don’t really make sense. I mean why bury a cows horn in your vineyard? But it seems to work.

Books on Wine

One of those givens is that if you have a passion or interest about something, people give you related items as gifts. This includes books. For example, we love cats (ducks, dogs…) and moved to France, so voilà, we’re given a book on French for Cats. It had to be. Living with a wine maker, we get given wine related items, and books. Chateau Monty, A Corking Wine Adventure by Monty Waldin (UK affiliate) was one such book.

At the time, as I was new to the world of making wine. I grabbed this book to potentially increase my wine related vocabulary and understanding of what Pumpjack actually does. I was not disappointed. Besides a good tale on the moving to France starting a vineyard thing, it really showed, particularly in hindsight, what it is really like to manage a vineyard.

Biodynamic Wine

Now Pumpjack has a particular passion for biodynamic wine. He loves the idea that nature and man are working together to produce the best there can be. This book gave me the added insight of understanding what biodynamic wine actually is, and the processes (hard work) that go into it.

An entertaining read, I hadn’t realised it was a book resulting from a UK TV show. Probably because we haven’t lived in the UK for awhile. I can’t compare to the TV series, but I can say, as a book on living and making wine in France it is an enjoyable story. As a book on understanding what goes into making Biodynamic wine, this is pure layman’s manna, and a very recommended read.

US version ↑  or  UK version

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