Big Dig 1 is calling me back at Pumpjack Piddlewick

Decisions, decisions, decisions. The weekend beckons me in to the restoration garden, where two Big Dig’s are now calling me to dig, dig, dig. Well, ok, in the case of Big Dig 1 it is more like shift, shift, shift.

This past week, a couple hours each morning have been spent shifting a large pile of broken tiles 20 feet. Call it a petite mistake on my part, or laziness, that when Big Dig 1 was being dug out, the resulting detritus of tiles was dumped at the edge of the dig. Bad planning. Our first flower garden went in between this mound and the duck enclosure. It is currently blooming very nicely.

The empty hole of Big Dig 1 now hosts a table and chairs and we have taken to enjoying a glass of wine in the early evenings looking towards the blooming flowers, except there is a mound of rubble in the way. Sigh.

Interested in our restoration garden work? Photos can be found on Flickr (Pictures are more or less sorted into albums, but we are behind in captioning with all the digging and shifting going on.)


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