Bath time for ducks is a playful time at PumpjackPiddlewick

I’m sat in the ducks’ enclosure laughing as I type this. It’s bath time and our ducks and young ducklings, now teenagers, are frolicking in the pond. The hose pipe is on and the flowing water is filling the pond to overflowing. Moving water creates such playfulness in ducks.

They are flapping, zooming, and running around the pond flapping their wings. Lots of noise and lots of water going everywhere. (Including on my laptop!) It is a completely chaotic and wonderful moment.

Fun and feathers duly done it is now time to preen. This involves twisting and turning, legs stuck out in arabesque or wings lifted. Or all of the above, depending on what feather the ducks are trying to get to. Using their beaks and its ‘teeth’ (think comb) they pull feathers through until straight and lying just so. Soon there is not a feather out of place, though possibly a few left pool side. Tres risque!

And after all this drama, it must be time for a nap.

Videos and pictures of bath time can be found on PumpjackPiddlewick on Instagram

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