Whether rubbish or trash, let's delve into the history and how we can repurpose today here at PumpjackPiddlewick

I think that I think way too much about rubbish. And by rubbish, as this is very definitely a British word (but I love the sound of it), I mean trash, garbage, litter, refuse… depending where you reside in the world. In consideration I’ve written before about zero waste versusContinue Reading

Is it possible to train a duck? You know, like a dog. We delve into the possibilities here at PumpjackPiddlewick

Is it possible to train a duck? You know, like a dog. Or potentially, even a cat. The answer is – yes. And, no. Let me explain. Types of Ducks I have pet ducks. Louis, my white call duck, was imported into the flock. And a number of years laterContinue Reading

Teenage ducklings are very similar to human teenagers. Except they can fly. Let's delve into the teenage time of ducks at PumpjackPiddlewick

Ducklings grow like a weeds, in other words – fast. And it’s not long before they are teenagers. And like human teenagers, they go through growing pains. Teenage ducklings often mirror their human counterpart. It’s just a speeded up version. (Maybe a good excuse to have ducks?) As with mostContinue Reading

Cremant is a French sparkling wine that can not be called Champagne. Why? Let's delve at PumpjackPiddlewick

Enjoyed a bubbly glass of Cremant last night. My oh my it was tasty, refreshing and thoroughly delicious. No reason, no celebration, simply a quiet night in with my loved ones. Well, that is reason enough, isn’t it? What’s in a Name You may well ask what Cremant is. EssentiallyContinue Reading

Cafe du Canard is my happy place. A place I created to sit and contemplate, consider and plan. Come join me at PumpjackPiddlewick

Everyone should have a Cafe du Canard in their life. A place they can go to reflect, think or simply be. With or without ducks (as ‘canard’ is the French word for duck.) To Start A favourite YouTuber of mine, Justine Leconte once posted a video about ‘5 ways toContinue Reading