Achoo! Hay Fever season is upon Pumpjack & Piddlewick

Hay fever season is upon me. Achoo!

Or if I was sneezing in French ~ Atchoum! (Though I have also seen it spelled Achoum.)

I just discovered, as you do, that someone who is deaf doesn’t ‘Achoo’ when they sneeze. Interesting. (Popular Science)

And that’s all I feel I can write today as my nose is dripping and sniffling. Apsik! (Achoo in Polish)

Oh, and speaking of allergies and France, fun book: French for Cats

And did you know that menopause can change your allergies? It’s true. Allergic to menopause, but no longer allergic to cats it would seem. Go figure. But still allergic to hay. Or is that pollen, given it is spring?

And now I am really going, as I have to blow my nose again.


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