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Every now and then you receive truly sage advice. And sometimes, even better, actually make use of it. I have a friend who has always been my go to rock when I need an ear, a shoulder and a clear head. She once told me, when you get angry or panicky, something that riles you emotionally, take a breath and count to 10. Better yet, wait 24 hours before you react.

Time To

I took heed. And have come to live by the idea of giving myself time to calm down. Time to evaluate and determine is it worth responding. If I am angry, it gives me time to decide if what angered me is worth talking about, calmly and rationally with that person. If I am upset, the 24 hours makes me determine ‘do I really have something to be upset about’? Or am I really reacting a bit too strongly for the circumstances? If I am dealing with a difficult situation, it gives me time to evaluate and determine my course of action.

If after 24 hours I think ‘yes’, then I respond with a reaction. But more often than not, I have found that an action is not worthy of my time. Sometimes emotions are simply that, emotions and do not need to go any further. Life can’t be perfect. If it was, it would certainly be dull. We need the upsets to make the happy times all the more wonderful.

If you struggle with anger or resentment, Develop Good Habits offers some good advice on how to deal with these : 19 strategies on How to let go of Anger and Resentment

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