Our Goals Healthy Wealthy Wise and a pair of donkeys at PumpjackPiddlewick

I absolutely adore that the advent of the New Year gives one a sense of renewal, a chance to reflect and consequently focus on ones short and long term goals.  We have lots of changes planned this year and, I must say, yes, I must, that we are very, very excited (and a teeny bit scared).

We Be Entrepreneurs

We will be putting all our eggs into our entrepreneurial basket and focusing our time specifically ~ Pumpjack’s to our new wine business and me, Piddlewick, to our Pumpjack & Piddlewick Shop and the life that goes on behind it.

Welcome New Year! It’s make or break time.
(Hmmm, maybe not a good euphemism when talking about entrepreneurial eggs.)

Our Goals?

If all goes well, the immediate goals are to buy our own place for ourselves and our animals. The long term goals are to be totally self sufficient, in charge of our own destiny, and make puddles of money ~ or at least enough  that we can feed and house ourselves and our feathered and furred creatures without worry (and possibly add a few more). After all, we still don’t have any donkeys. Phew. Lofty goals. Well, we are feeling pretty darned confident.

What is helping me focus my goals is reviewing and re-reading our blog posts, seeing what garnered the most interest from you all and help me plan some direction to my posts for the future. If you haven’t read them, I hope you will. And do feel free to suggest in the comments what you would like to read more about. It will really help.

Top 10 Blog Posts

No. 10 ~ Finding a Vineyard in France (or not) Part 1 ~ The story of our search for our own vineyard after moving to France.

No. 9 ~ How much time and diapering does a duck need? ~ What it is  like to live with a pet duck like Maggie.

No. 8 ~ A Fox went out on a humid night, causing chaos in the duck world ~ the realities of having free ranging animals

No. 7 ~ A Story of Life, Death and Margaret Thatcher in the Duck World ~ Tells the tale of how our pet duck Maggie came into our lives.

No. 6 ~ Downsizing, Giving it all up, Changing your life… Is it very hard to do? ~ How it all began for us.

No. 5 ~ Chamomile has taken over my garden, Tea anyone? ~ Making my own herbal tea (and my goodness it is delicious!)

No. 4 ~ Animal Antics, Birth, Death, Amputations, Spy Games and a Retarded Duck ~ review last years crazy summer in our animal kingdom

No. 3 ~ What’s All this Fuss about French Markets? ~ Why markets in France are so fabulous.

No. 2 ~ Vertical Garden Planting using Recycled Milk Bottles ~ Plastic bottles are very much a by product of France and we are always looking at new ways to recycle them.

No. 1 ~ The most Popular Post ~  Vertical Gardening – the second year, which tells me I need to do more gardening.

Our Goals Healthy Wealthy Wise and a pair of donkeys at PumpjackPiddlewick
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Goals focused, plans afoot, ready to take on the new year. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.











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