10 Things to do by yourself when self isolating from the Corona virus

Bored yet? Whether you are on ‘lockdown’, self isolating, or simply hiding from a world gone mad, here are 10 things to do by yourself that are enjoyable, fun and maybe even a little self indulgent.

1. The Classic – Read a Book

If that stack of books by your bed seems to grow rather than shrink now is the perfect opportunity to finally read what you have been wanting to read. Get off social media. Turn off the TV (it’s all nasty news anyway). Take a break. Let your thoughts go somewhere else. And open a book.

If you are digitally inclined, a Kindle/eReader is a wonder. All those books in one little thing. But even better, connect it to your online library and the world is your oyster. All without having to go outside. Unless, like me, you like to read in the garden.

2. Make a Jigsaw Puzzle

Tucked somewhere in your house, you probably have a jigsaw puzzle collecting dust. Maybe even two. Get them out, clear a table space, put on some light music (or the news if you prefer to stay in contact) and get to sorting and fitting.

Did you know you can now do Jigsaw puzzles online? I only recently discovered. And it is super cool! I didn’t really think it is possible, but if you have a computer and a mouse or pad you are good to start making a puzzle. It takes a bit of getting used to, but after awhile it is just like making a physical puzzle. www.jigsawexplorer.com

3. Bake

When was the last time you baked something? By yourself, just for yourself? Here’s your opportunity to either try a new recipe or make a comforting favourite. How about a two ingredient chocolate cake recipe for one?

Chances are you already have the ingredients you need at home. And half the fun, I think, is sometimes looking at the ingredients you have and finding a recipe to match. Try it. Simply type in say ‘coconut and eggs recipes’ (or whatever 2 or 3 ingredients you would like to use up) and see what goodies show up in your browser.

4. Write a Letter

This is my favourite. Some people like to journal or keep a diary, I prefer to write and send it off. It’s my preferred way to keep in touch with the world. It doesn’t bombard you like online info, or the tv. You can take your time, relax and let your thoughts flow.

The wonderful thing about letter writing is you can do it anywhere. At a desk, the kitchen table, curled up on a sofa. If it is sunny out, I truly recommend writing outside. Especially in early morning or nearing dusk. There’s something even more indulgent and relaxing about these times.

Once done, stick a stamp on it and pop it in a letter/mail box. No need to see or be seen by anyone.

5. Take an own property walk

When was the last time you really looked at your back yard/garden? (This is of course assuming you have one. And if you d not, skip to 6.) Now is a perfect opportunity to go out, by yourself, get some fresh air, and walk around your own property.

Take the time to look at your trees. Do they need pruning? Or do you need to weed your garden? Something need fixing? Here’s your opportunity. Now, turn and look at your property. Anything need fixing? Make a list of what needs doing in future. Or take an opportunity to tidy or trim.

6. Start a veg garden

Did you know you can grow vegetables without seeds? So as you eat, don’t throw away those veg table scraps. Instead turn them into your veg for the future.

This can be done whether you have a garden outside to plant in, or not. If not, you only need to find containers of some sort to plant them in once they start to show roots. Here’s 25 foods you can regrow from scraps.

7. Have a Pamper Day

When the going gets rough the rough should be pampered. Here’s a chance, whether female or male, to indulge in yourself (and no one need know, shhh). Often, when we are feeling down, nothing picks us up more than treating ourselves.

Take twice as long in the shower. Or better yet, enjoy a bubble bath. Shave, colour your hair, hydrate your skin. Your bathroom is your oyster, and you are the pearl. If you truly wish to indulge, make your own body scrubs. It’s super easy. A little left over coffee grounds, some sugar a few drops of oil and you are good to scrub away your cares for the moment. Or if you need more direction… enjoy a watch at Fairyland Cottage.

8. Have a clear out

I have long enjoyed wardrobe change over day but being house bound has suggested to me an opportunity to truly go through my things and have a good clear out. Like most people, things seem to accumulate (even when you are a closet minimalist). Finding time to go through, sort and determine what not to keep is a wonderfully cathartic activity. It lifts the spirit and makes you feel lighter. Not a bad thing in this current time.

If you have never done it, I can recommend Marie Kondo’s book (available to read online from libraries and Amazon (affiliate) to aid in the ‘how to’. But essentially you go through a section of a room. It could be a drawer only or a whole closet. Empty it and lay everything out. Put things in to 3 piles: Keep, Give away, Throw away. The Keep gets put back. The Give away gets put in a sack ready for when you can deliver to your local charity. And the Throw away is self evident, unless…

9. Make a Rag Rug

Following on from number 8. If you found yourself with lots of old clothes that were heading to the bin, re-think. You can turn old clothing into a rug. It is super easy, requires no sewing, and is also very quick to make.

You simply cut material into strips. (I’ve even used socks, cutting them like peeling an orange in one strip.) Using 4 strips you braid them. Whilst braiding you weave the strip back through the previous to hold it together. Sounds complicated, but once you try it it turns out to be very very simple to do. There’s a link above to a video and here’s a picture tutorial on how to: Little House in the Suburbs.com/no-sew-rag-rug-tutorial

10. Learn a Language

So often learning a language is difficult because it takes time and concentration, a need to be by yourself to truly absorb and learn. Well, now is a big opportunity. There are so many options out there, and most are free!

I can highly recommend Learn French with Vincent on YouTube. And also Coffee Break language learning podcasts from RadioLingua. They offer French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Chinese and even English all in coffee break length lessons. These are super effective as you can only listen – no writing, just absorbing.

Bonus Thing to do by Yourself: Indulge in some quiet time

When was the last time you simply sat and thought? Have you ever not done anything? I am not talking about sitting and watching TV, or even listening to the radio. I am saying sitting and doing nothing. Just letting your thoughts drift. Give it a try. Your thoughts may surprise you.

And take it a step further if you like. Enjoy a nap. We’re great supporters of the 20 minute nap, or even doze. A chance to recharge the batteries. To clear the mind. A true indulgence in this time of stress, chaos and even panic.


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