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Welcome! Bienvenue!
I’m Alycea (Piddlewick) and the gentleman in the background is David (Pumpjack). We’re creating a whole new life in the countryside of France. Grab a glass of wine, join in the fun, and laugh along with us as we slowdown a moment from the chaos that is life.

Who We Are

We are Pumpjack & Piddlewick and welcome to our life. Pumpjack, a.k.a. David,  is an eccentric, mad scientist Oenologist (fancy title for he who makes wine)  and who, I think, unknowingly acts as the creative muse to me, Piddlewick, a.k.a. Alycea, who makes most of the items for our shop,

Our Wine

Our Dream began with wine. No, not a glass of wine, but actually about wine. The whole having a vineyard in France, making wine, type of dream. Join us in a glass, as we try to make it all come true.  

Maggie pet duck

What’s it like to have a pet duck, and I mean a pet, like a dog with feathers. A dog that can fly. But otherwise rules the household, is always hungry, likes to cuddle up and has her own cushion that she doesn’t want anyone else sleeping on. (That means

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