Findings from France

Who We Are

We are Pumpjack & Piddlewick and welcome to our life. Pumpjack, a.k.a. David,  is an eccentric, mad scientist Oenologist (fancy title for he who makes wine)  and who, I think, unknowingly acts as the creative muse to me, Piddlewick, a.k.a. Alycea, who finds most of the items for our shop, as well as writing for this blog.

Life in France

Life in France is … different. We moved to France primarily to make wine, and then we fell in love. Not just with each other, that has been on-going, but with the country. Having taken up residence in our new life, we are endeavouring to learn. And there is lots to learn.

Our Wine

Our Dream began with wine. No, not a glass of wine, but actually about wine. The whole having a vineyard in France, making wine, type of dream. Join us in a glass, as we tell of what it is really like to make wine in France.

Shop from France

We invite you to come in, browse and shop from France with us. We are both great antique and vintage aficionados. For Pumpjack it is the quality of the craftsmanship, for Piddlewick it is the attention to detail and sometimes sheer quirkiness that appeals.

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